My Poem :D

Great is not ‘Great’

By : Indira Pramudya W.


There’s no eyes

There’s no air

There’s no light

And I live here


It’s live theory

Who is the most powerful, he’ll survive

I try to be mighty, great, invincible

Savage, merciless, tireless sorry


Only one day

I feel like a lion

Like a shark

Like an elephant


But, I feel something

That is was wrong

I’m lonely

I’m sickly


I’m a storm

A big storm

Feel like a king

But I ruined everything


I forgot about things

And I’m embarrassing

Everyone has this reality

About truth, love, and humility


Greatness? It’s the one example

About nonsense

About lie

About outrage


I life in this stupid-life

That made me mad

That made me sink

In intoxicating wave of greatness


(maaf kalo ada salah grammar, karena gw juga masih grade 8, belum kaya Barrack Obama. Rencananyaa, ini buat pembacaan poem pelajaran English besok :* #prayfordiratomorrow )


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